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Mondays 5:00pm 9/9/19-9/30/19 Lambertville Library, Lambertville, NJ



Start with the basics. This class assumes no previous knowledge of French so it will be review for some of you who took French in the past but an excellent starting point if it's been a while or you've never taken French. Free 4-week intro class.

advanced beginnner

Wednesdays 5:00pm            9/11/19-10/30/19            Bucks Ice Cream & Espresso Bar, Lambertville, NJ REGISTER

You already have the basics down. You can say hello, introduce yourself, and use the verbs avoir, être, aller. You are familiar with prepositional phrases, adjectives, articles and the passé composé. If this sounds foreign to you, it IS foreign (it’s French, after all) but maybe you need to start from the beginning or take some private lessons to catch up.


Wednesdays 6:00pm            1/9/19-3/6/19     Bucks Ice Cream & Espresso Bar, Lambertville, NJ

You've got the basics down, you know avoir, être, aller and -er and -re verbs, you're familiar with the past and present tenses of these verbs. You also know about object pronouns and past participles.


Mondays 6:00pm                  1/7/19-2/25/18      lambertville Library, Lambertville, NJ

You've seen most verbs and verb tenses and have a pretty good handle on conversational French. Now you want to read articles, listen to French newscasts, watch French videos and be able to converse and write about various topics in French using advanced grammatical constructions


Tuesdays 1:00pm                  ongoing - contact me            Corner Bakery                      Newtown, PA

This class is similar in structure and level to the class at the Lambertville Library. We focus more on reading French, grammar, conversation and writing.